About us | mayumasa マユマサ | 「Move with STYLE」 日常に、スタイルのある移動を

About us



マユマサの目標は、あなたの日常の移動をより心地良い 「移動体験」に変えることです。

そのための画期的な機能とスタイリッシュなフォルムは、 今までにない新たな価値と確かな喜びをもたらします。


They are not merely about moving from one place to another, they are about taking first steps towards new experiences and infinite possibilities.

Mayumasa’s goal is to transform your everyday journey into the most comfortable travel experience possible.

The more we move, the happier we become.
Constantly evolving, we project our best intentions towards creating a better future.

With its revolutionary features and stylish form, Mayumasa brings unprecedented value and genuine joy like never before.

Wherever you go, we hope Mayumasa becomes your ultimate companion.